November 27, 2015

Parents are at the Core of Our Education of Your Child

Parental interaction in the educational process should not be limited to special events.

Every Step on the Path

Contact is maintained on a daily basis with informative and unique summations of their child’s activities and highlights. Monthly schedules are issued in advance so the parents can go over and address any concerns or special circumstances that might arise. Encouragement for any parent to come in, attend, and assist with the daily learning exercises is impressed upon every member of staff. This can include activities like special projects and celebrations, foundation building lessons, and reading to the children.

Centered Around the Parents Association

Those that are looking for or work better in a group setting, our Parents Association utilizes teamwork among all the parents to foster a vibrant community. Through their invaluable service, special functions and fundraisers go off without a hitch. New ideas allow for our enrichment programs to be both highly individualized and still encompass the group dynamic for the child’s benefit. Warm memories of the educational progress are continually being forged for the students by the efforts of the Parents Association.

Every month of the year, the children not only witness but emulate the selfless actions involved with parental activity. Thinking of others by the holiday food and toy drives reinforces service to the community. Bake sales bring smiles to the faces of the little ones as they see and sample the wares being sold. The Family Fall Festival is the ideal meet and greet for everyone involved. These are just some of upcoming events where everyone pitches in a hand for the betterment of the children. Join us on any occasion so that your children will be well equipped to not only meet but overcome any challenge they may encounter in the journey of life.

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