The Best and Worse Learning Techniques

Whether at school or on the job, life today is overflowing with information that we need to assimilate. With technology bringing on rapid changes in nearly every field of endeavor, success in life often hinges upon the ability to learn and retain new information. Sadly, though we were all taught a lot of facts and […]

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Jim Kwik: Learn faster, memorize better

Jim Kwik is a superhero. He reads technical manuals at 500 words per minute, fiction at 1300 words per minute and can memorize long strings of numbers or the names of every person in a crowd. It is much more than a trick and it isn’t something Kwik was born with, it’s something he had […]

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Quality of learning facilities and learning environmen

As you enter our lobby, you’ll instantly feel the warm and inviting energy of a dynamic and distinctive. Our rooms was designed with your child’s needs, both educational and developmental, in mind. Our philosophy is to not only teach your children, but to celebrate their creativity and curiosity, too. Nowhere in our facility is our […]

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