November 30, 2015

Jim Kwik: Learn faster, memorize better

Jim Kwik is a superhero. He reads technical manuals at 500 words per minute, fiction at 1300 words per minute and can memorize long strings of numbers or the names of every person in a crowd. It is much more than a trick and it isn’t something Kwik was born with, it’s something he had to develop. As the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

So Kwik is bringing his skills to the masses through his business Kwik Learning. Kwik thinks that everybody has a superpower and that power is learning, and he is out to prove it one person at a time.

Kwik suffered a brain injury in his youth and struggled to keep up in his studies until he devised better strategies for both reading and retaining the information he acquired. The thing that kept hitting him was the idea that the brain was supposed to be this great super computer, but he couldn’t even remember where he left his car keys half the time so he studied the science of learning.

Kwik started to get an idea of what was missing, “We’re knowledge workers. We’re paid for our ability to learn. Yet we have an educational system that doesn’t teach people how to learn. How to focus, listen, innovate, think, remember, problem solve. Why do most people

have poor reading skills? One reason is that the last time most people took a class called “reading” they were probably five years old.” said Kwik. He studied neuroscience and devised strategies to improve his reading speed and retention.
Kwik’s first student used his techniques and managed an amazing feat. She read thirty books in thirty days and saved her mother with the knowledge she gained from her reading.

Armed with this success story Kwik knew his techniques could work for anybody. Kwik took his skills into the world and started teaching his techniques through Kwik Learning. Kwik suggests that the human’s primary function in evolutionary terms is to learn. With this in mind he has built an empire on teaching people how to better learn. He has worked with institutions of higher learning and businesses across the U.S. Kwik wanted to do more, so he developed Superhero You, a free online service to teach people how to learn.

In his journey to bring his superpower to the masses he has employed the top experts in brain optimization including Sir Ken Robinson, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Dr. Peter Diamandis among others. Since its inception Superhero You has grown to a community of over 100,000 dedicated individuals. Superhero You features a collection of videos and live events that help members “hack” their own brains and develop the skills to learn faster and retain more information with less time.
The impact of his techniques are impressive, “The average person reads 200-250 words-per-minute and spends 3 to 4 hours of their work day reading.

That’s more than one-third of their time on the job. If that person makes $60,000 a year, then at least $20,000 of that money is paying for them to read. But proper training can easily double the average person’s reading speed (up to 400-450 w.p.m.). That cuts 3 to 4 hours down to 1 to 2. That’s a savings of over an hour a day. If you do that for 365 days a year, that’s 9 different 40 hour work weeks saved. That’s real time productivity. Imagine what you could do with all that extra time.” According to Kwik. If knowledge is power, these techniques could be equated to an Uzi. Rapid fire and awesome in its potential to elevate and educate people around the world.
Kwik suggests that his techniques can be used by anyone from any back ground and with a price tag of free it is worth looking over. If you end up reading a little faster you will have benefited, but if you follow the strategies you may just become a superhero yourself.

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