November 30, 2015

Quality of learning facilities and learning environmen

As you enter our lobby, you’ll instantly feel the warm and inviting energy of a dynamic and distinctive. Our rooms was designed with your child’s needs, both educational and developmental, in mind. Our philosophy is to not only teach your children, but to celebrate their creativity and curiosity, too.

Nowhere in our facility is our philosophy more evident than our walls. Instead of hanging pictures and posters designed by people we don’t know, we decided to hang art by people we do know: our students. Not only is it a great way for them to show off their talent.

Beyond our hallways, each classroom in our 25,000-square foot facility was personally designed by our co-founders, based on their 30 years of experience in the areas of integrated education, sports, and gymnastics programs. All of our newly-renovated classrooms were designed with a specific activity, age group, and skill development in mind. For the convenience of our children and staff alike, every classroom also includes a kitchenette and a bathroom.

In addition to nurturing your child’s educational needs, we also consider their physical development to be just as important. Our gymnastics center has absolutely no physical limitations and offers the same top-of-the-line equipment that is used at the USA Nationals competition. The upstairs gym space is designed for all of our children. Our curriculum allows for the Older Twos and Threes classes to visit it once a week, while the Fours classes visit it twice a week. For our Younger Twos, our gym downstairs was specifically designed to give them a safe place to play while still supporting their gross motor development. The downstairs gym was also designed to be able to convert to a Yoga Studio that all of our Threes and Fours classes visit weekly.

If your child loves the pursuits of Art, Knowledge, or Cooking, they will feel right at home here. In order to nurture their curious, growing minds, we offer a beautiful lending library for our book lovers, an Art Studio for the little artists among us, and a newly-renovated kitchen where our future chefs can safely practice their skills by helping to make healthy snacks.

For some of our students, it is the place they love best and they want to stay as long as possible. For those students, we offer learning clubs to extend their time with us just a little bit longer. Our current club offerings include Drama, Cooking, Gymnastics, and Sports & Fitness and any child is welcome to join.

We love our children and we know you’ll love what we can offer them. We invite you to learn more about us here on our website and look forward to having your children learn with us.

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