April 4, 2016

Digital Flipbooks: Get your bosses respect by creating professional reports!

For many years I and a lot of my colleagues have sat through weekly and monthly project reporting meetings at our firm.  We’d all sit in a stuffy boardroom, surrounded by dead sandwiches that curled up at the edges and stale dry fruit platters.  There was not enough water in the world to keep us all hydrated to concentrate as colleague after colleague stepped up to present flat and uninteresting chart after chart in their project reports – these meetings went on for whole afternoons sometimes!

One day I had had enough and decided that it did not have to be this way, there was a place in the boardroom for creativity and a little exciting professionalism and I knew I had to liven up the reports I submitted.  Then I discovered a secure and easy to use the online tool from and I have never given a dull report to my boss ever again and I have certainly gained a lot of respect from my peers ever since.

Change the way your report companywide forever with!

For many years I realised we, as a company, spent more time in meetings talking over every detail of our monthly reports then we did actually doing the work to report on! Some of my colleagues even travelled for a whole day on aeroplanes and trains just to come to the office to report for just 2 minutes to their peers.  I know we aren’t alone in this, people love to organise meetings to talk about meetings! But I thought there has to be a better way to share the work we are all doing in a style that makes people want to read and engage with reports while maybe reducing the amount of time we spend in crowed rooms and not working?  

I know PowerPoint has a few very useful purposes, but clicking through slides at my desk will not make me understand what I am looking at or make me want to read further around my team-mate or colleagues work.   I decided to look into alternatives ways we could communicate our work around the company while saving time and inspiring us all simultaneously to really care.  The other thing I had to factor in was it also had to be cheap (or free!) as to radically change the way we communicated at my company and ask for huge budget to do so, would not go down well at all.  It seemed impossible I know but then I discover how easy it is to create flipbooks and better still it was all free!

Using the simple tool to create digital flipbooks and magazines on I was able to send out a few test publications I created in a matter of minutes to my whole company.   The response was incredible!  I received emails from people saying how interesting and clear my report was.  The boss called me to ask for me to show him how to use the site and in a matter of a few months the whole company uses and we have reduced the amount of hours in meetings companywide by half.  It’s not just the company that benefited, I earnt the respect and trust of by boss and his boss to!

We still get together for very important meetings, but the monthly and weekly reports are now attractive, engaging and responsive magazines full of glossy images and flippable pages that people read at their desks on their PC’s, at home on their e-readers or on their smartphones while commuting on the train!  It really was just a simple question of trying it and if you do to, you will never look back!

Engaging, secure, usable and free!

I am so happy with the features of and the service I have had that I want you to know just how good it is.  It has changed the way we function as a company and it can help you to.

Firstly it has made reporting and sharing information across the company usable.  People do not like to be faced with wall of text or infinite detail that requires intense concentration.  By creating flipbooks with we all share exciting and attractive digital publications that people can use across multiple devises when it is convenient for them.  The design is responsive and this means the information is always accessible.  A picture paints a thousand words and we use images more now than ever, simplifying how we share information without losing impact or accuracy. We can easily combine charts, infographics, videos and audio file to back up our work and make our reports really stand out.  People look forward to the month end to see what their colleagues have been working on and how they will use the tools of to make their reports sing!  PDF’s are great but means we are all creating sleek, accurate and usable resources.

All of this may sound incredibly complex and you might be thinking that all that times saved by not being in meeting is now spent battling online publishing tools – well you’d be wrong! is so easy to use.  You need no extra technical skills as the user interface is designed to take you through the process tap by step.  It really is just as simple as you can imagine to take a PDF of accounting and budget calculations and to turn it into something that people want to read!

Please do not worry about security either as the whole system is password protected.  We have created project by project passwords that we use to access the reports that no one else can.  Using is like creating a secure, enjoyable library of the company’s process and growth and we are all so proud of it.

Follow these simple steps to create flipbooks today!

It is too good not to share, so here is your guide to using so you can see for yourself how easy it really is. Here is how you can create your first flipbook.
Go to and follow the instructions to create a free account.  This takes only a few minutes and only requires your basic information to get started like your email address.  If you are trying this on behalf of the company set one up just for you to begin with, then once it has been approved (and it will be!) then you can choose how best to create one central secure account, or multiple secure accounts.  The free 30 day trial period is a great way to experiment with what works best for you and the company…but I digress!

You simply click on the link and upload the PDF format of your report or in fact anything you want to share that is in a PDF format.  

Depending on how large the PDF file is the upload may take around 1-5 minutes and then as if by magic you have a flipbook ready to be emailed to all those stake holders you need to get on side to see the benefits of using digital publishing.   A great way I have seen for sharing the files is to embed them into our internal website.  It doesn’t need to be the whole publication; you can link to the cover using one of the many widgets available if you want to keep your website content levels down.

Once you have the flipbook the fun really begins. allows you to maximise the potential of the flipbooks you create by making them so easy to use and if you have any problems, there is online support at the click of a button. They are very understanding and patient with digital newbies like me.

You need never sit in a dull meeting again being uninspired.  With reports you send to your bosses and colleagues can inspire, engage and bring about a whole new energy insider your company.  The future of internal communications with digital publishing is so exciting and you really should try it today.

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