April 4, 2016

Flipbooks have changed the way I do business forever

I have run a successful company for over 15 years but sometimes it’s was just such hard work to keep the money coming in.  I have seen it all and experienced the highs and the lows of being a SME owner. 

I had always sold all my products via my collection of mail order catalogues – that was how people used to shop!  They have been terrific for me but when people began to shop-online I knew that my catalogues sat on doormats unopened and unread and I thought I was helpless to keep up with the new trends in shopping.  

I did not know what to do as I knew nothing about getting all my products onto my existing basic website and I could not afford a new complex website or the designers to help me.  Then I was told to try and I have never been so happy and all my troubles disappeared thanks to the beautiful flipbooks I was able to create and publish. You can see your catalogue PDF’s as perfect online flipbooks in minutes and so can your customers. When I started my company by myself, all those years ago now, I was able to produce catalogues that people wanted to spend time looking through and that they enjoyed reading, choosing and buying items from. 

I used to hear how much people enjoyed the format, the design, the images and even the paper it was printed on.  I was so proud of them even though the print and the postage ate into my profits; they worked so well for me.  They were my shop-window for my customers and I took so much care to make sure they were perfect.   This was a great solution for me and it worked for many years, but then the internet developed and became faster and safer. Smartphones became an everyday ‘pocket shops’ for people and I was left behind everyone else, unsure of how to keep up. My business suffered and I knew it was my fault as I had just not looked into the possible solutions available to me because I did not know where to begin looking for help.  I did not think there was a solution and I even thought about jacking in the whole company because I was heartbroken and defeated. 

My sales had almost increased by 20% in one quarter 

I had been so sure that those same people who loved my mail order catalogue service would remain true to me and my company – but I was wrong.  Of course they wanted to access my services and products in a way that suited them and not me. I knew a change had to come and I began talking to a few friends in similar situations.  One day I was talking with a great friend who also ran a business in a similar way to how I did and she began to tell me how her sales had almost increased by 20% in one quarter since she had begun to share her catalogues on I had no idea what she was talking about and she sat with me and talked to me about how easy it is to take my catalogues in PDF format and upload them to to create a perfect online flipbooks. My life has changed!

I took all my catalogues that I had ever produced and created my very own online collection of catalogues that anyone could access and use at the click of a mouse.   Each day I can see the numbers of people who have enjoyed the flipbooks I have created increase and I now have so much more time to process all my orders I get and to really build greater relationships with my customers. It has all been way beyond my wildest dreams and you can do it to. My marketing overheads have halved thanks to, and the flipbooks you can create using their site, have multiple benefits.   The most important aspect for me was the speed and ease with which the website works.  It has allowed me to embed my catalogues, just as I designed them, into my website without even having to ask for help or pay for additional design services. 

This is why I love flipbooks

The support the website offers in ‘how to’ videos and step-by-step guides has given me terrific confidence in my abilities and has made my website attractive, popular and most of all functional. People go to my website now as opposed to the catalogues I used to send to them and wherever they are they can browse my services and products, whenever it suits them and buy directly from me then and there. 

This is something I would never have been able to do without the service I received from Creating flipbooks has not stopped me producing the odd printed and posted item, because they are still important to me, but it has meant I can now build my business without the worry of continued increasing print and postage overheads.   I used to have to calculate the product price points to include all my overheads of printing and distribution, this has all gone!

All the profit is mine to invest in my company and to grow it and to enjoy it myself. flipbooks are bringing about the revolution in online trading and I’m so happy to be part of it. Let me share the secret to my success with you today. You have the content and I have the knowhow – so let’s make a change happen for the better for you today.  It is so easy and so fast you will wonderer why you had not done it before, I certainly did. Here is my guide for you today to get you started on the road to online publishing.  Get a cup of tea or coffee, settle down in front of your computer and here we go!

Go to and follow the instructions to create a free account.  This takes only a few minutes and only requires your basic information to get started like your email address or you can login in via social media or your Google account if you have one.  I chose to begin with my email address as I was still unsure of social media (that’s all changed now however!). Once you have an account you simply click on the link and upload the PDF format of your catalogues one at a time.   

Just delete it and start again.

The site guides you every step of the way so please do not panic as you can’t break it or your PDF and if you make a mistake, who cares? Just delete it and start again. It’s that simple. Depending on how large the PDF file is the upload may take around 1-5 minutes (maybe get another cup of tea here?) and then as easy as that you have a flipbook ready to be embedded into your website. If this is all too ‘web talky’ for you the videos have will remove the jargon and lead you by the hand through how-to embed the files into your site and remember there is always online support right there on the site and you can talk to someone directly via messenger.

To get the most out of your flipbook I recommend you do a few things. First of all, embed the publication on your website as it really brings a website to life! It doesn’t need to be the whole publication; you can link to the cover using one of the many widgets available if you want to keep your website content levels down. Secondly, I can’t stress how wonderful Facebook is.  I thought it was for kids to share photos with friends but today it really is a huge community waiting to share your wonderful flipbook with thousands of potential customers.  Lastly, I really benefited from playing with and tailoring the service had to offer.

If you really want to make the most out of your flipbooks I would take advantage of the 30 days free trail. Just because the internet has revolutionised the way we all buy and sell today it does not mean you can’t enjoy and benefit from these changes.  It really is incredibly easy with and if you plan do anything to improve your business in 2016 I can’t recommend enough that one of these things be to try today – believe me, you have nothing to lose but a whole world of services to grow your business to gain.

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